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2011 Clinics


Training Dates and Programs


February 21st (Monday)         - Wave Form & Data Analysis


February 22nd (Tuesday)       - Diagnosing OBDII EVAP DTC’s


April 25th (Monday)               - Advanced Technology of Brake Systems


April 26th (Tuesday)               - Advanced Fuel System Troubleshooting


May 16th (Monday)                 - Diagnosing OBDII EVAP DTC’s


May 17th (Tuesday)               - Hybrid Service and Repair

   -Merced-   (Intermediate to advanced technicians)


May 19th (Thursday)               - Toyota Engine Performance II

   -Fresno-   (Intermediate to advanced technicians)


September 20th (Tuesday)     - Diagnose the Top Honda/Acura

  -Visalia-   (Intermediate to advanced technicians)


       Dinner, manuals and certificates of completion provided for each seminar.
     All programs available for purchase on a per event basis.

       For more information please contact your local Smith Auto Salesman

             or call Robert at: (559) 734-1396
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